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We support Legal Design Thinking!

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At Wang Jing & GH we believe in cutting edge problem solving solutions. For this reason, in many of our projects we work using legal design thinking approach which is a new and innovative problem-solving methodology that aims to improve lawyer-clients understanding and relationship.

This issue was raised during the legal design Summit 2017 in Helsinki in which emerged that “law lack usability and legal documents are poorly designed” and not always efficiently applied.

Thanks to the legal design thinking and its human-centered approach we at Wang Jing & GH, can truly identifies client’s needs, wants and desires and then uses those factors to design and develop custom fit solutions.

The results are therefore transparent, understandable, useful and engaging. In this regard, Design Thinking could be used to craft for example, contracts that client could understand better, or even solving cross border cases. There are many ways and different steps to achieve such result but we usually follows 5 easy steps.


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