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Wilson Wang

License number: 14401200910694451

Tel:+86 020-3864 1888


LL.B Dalian Maritime University
LL.M (Graduated with Distinction) Tulane University Law School

Professional Qualifications

PRC Lawyers License, England Lawyers License


Mr. Wilson Wang, former partner of the Admiralty Department of Wang Jing & Co., now works as a partner of Wang Jing & GH Law Firm. Mr. Wang graduated from Dalian Maritime University with International Admiralty and Maritime Law as his major. Mr. Wilson Wang is qualified to practice law both in China and the United Kingdom and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Mr. Wang handles matters concerning admiralty, maritime and off-shore engineering, insurance, banking and finance, international trade and L/C, cross-border investment, and general commercial dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration). His clients include insurance companies, shipping companies, P&I clubs, international banks and financial institutions, large SOEs and other multinational corporations. Mr. Wang has handled many maritime and commercial arbitration cases conducted by the LCIA, the HKIAC, SIAC, or by members of the LMAA. He has maintained a good relationship with many international maritime arbitration lawyers, royal barristers, arbitrators, shipbuilders, and financiers. He is one of the Top Thousand International Lawyers in China (Admiralty& Maritime, Cross-border Investment and M&A) and one of the Leading Lawyers in foreign-related practice. Mr. Wilson Wang has been widely recognized as an expert in these fields.

Practice Areas

Maritime & Admiralty, Ocean Engineering, Insurance, Banking and Finance, International trade and L/C, Cross-border Investment.


Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
The Roster of International Arbitrators
Member of Professional Committee on Foreign-related Legal Affairs of Guangzhou Lawyers Association.

Honors & Awards

PRC Ministry of Justice: National List of 1,000 Foreign-related Lawyers(practice areas: Cross-border Investment and M&A, Maritime & Admiralty)
All China Lawyers Association: Leading Lawyer in Foreign-Related Legal ServiceGuangdong Lawyers Association: Leading Lawyer in Foreign-Related Legal Service
Tulane Law School: Graduated with Distinction
Tulane Law School: Edward A. Dodd, Jr. Award
Tulane Law School: Harry F. Stiles, Jr. Scholarship Award
Tulane Law School: Scholarship by the Maritime Law Center at Tulane Law School
Tulane Law School: CALI Future Excellence Award
Tulane Law School: Excellent Graduation Essay


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