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5.Complicated transactions where overseas investors purchased the land use right, signed an investment agreement with a local government in Gaoming, Foshan, built a factory and other facilities, merged the newly established company in Gaoming with an affiliated company in Foshan, with a total investment of around US$20 million

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  We acted for our clients in negotiating with a local government in Foshan and signing the investment agreement. After assisting in winning the bid for the land use right of the area, we further assisted in drafting all the contracts related to building the facilities and factory in Gaoming. Besides, we negotiated with the employees to persuade them to relocate from the previous factory in Foshan to Gaoming. When the factory was successfully built, we further assisted in dealing with the merger of the Foshan company with the Gaoming company and provided legal services related to the merger, relocation of employees, transfer of customers and suppliers’ accounts.


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