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3.Trademark Coexistence

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  Provided Legal Solutions for the Coexistence of an Italian Women's Shoe Brand and a Similar Brand in the Chinese Market

  Before entering the Chinese market, an Italian women's shoe brand found that a similar trademark had been registered on sports shoes. After comprehensively analyzing the differences between the products of the two parties and the differences between the consumer groups, we proposed a plan for the client to coexist with the other party's trademark and negotiate with the other party. After considering the distribution and benefits of the products of the two parties in the global market as a whole, our client agreed to coexist with the other party's trademark in the Brazilian market in exchange for the other party's agreement with our customer's trademark in the Chinese market. In addition to co-existence planning and negotiation, we were also responsible for drafting co-existence agreements and registering a trademark in China Trademark Office.


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