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Represented a Guangdong State-owned holding enterprise in a series of cases of disputes over equity in the project company jointly set up with private equity shareholders;

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A State-owned holding enterprise in Guangdong and some private equity shareholders established a joint venture project company. Later the private equity shareholders breached the cooperation agreement, which gave rise to disputes over equity in the project company. Thereafter, around ten civil, administrative and criminal lawsuits concerning equity, creditors’ rights and other issues were filed by both parties. We were retained by the State-owned holding enterprise in the aforesaid lawsuits. We also assisted the client in negotiations and consultations and achieved results satisfactory to the client in all the lawsuits, i.e. the client obtained the majority shares in the project company and the decision-making and management power so that the project company could carry out the project as per the original plan and move to a new site. The total investment of the project is over RMB500 million, a key investment project in the locality.


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