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Family Wealth Protection and Inheritance

The WJNGH Family Wealth Protection and Inheritance Team is led by senior partners Ruiling Chen and Shuai Hu, and brings together a group of like-minded lawyers, as well as building a platform of experts in the fields of finance, taxation, immigration and psychology, to build the WJNGH family wealth protection and inheritance legal brand with professionalism and dedication. Teammates are deeply involved in difficult and complex family litigation, corporate shareholding structure design, family business risk segregation. Meanwhile they focus on providing overall solutions and implementation of family (corporate) wealth management and inheritance structures for high-net-worth clients, adhering to the legal craftsmanship and safeguarding clients' rights and interests.

Scope of Service

Inheritance disputes

Drafting of wills
Drafting of bequest agreements
Intentional guardianship
Disputes over legal succession
Disputes over testamentary succession
Disputes over settlement of decedent's debts
Disputes over bequests
Disputes over bequest maintenance agreements

Matrimonial disputes

Matrimonial property disputes
Cohabitation disputes
Divorce disputes
Disputes over property after divorce
Disputes over liability for damages after divorce
Disputes over marriage nullity
Paternity disputes
Maintenance disputes
Adoption disputes
Custody disputes
Disputes over visitation rights

Wealth Protection and Inheritance

Family asset inventory and investigation
Family wealth management and succession planning
Design of domestic family trust structures
Insurance trust design
Probate planning and design guidance
Family equity structuring
Establishing an administrator of the estate

High-profiled Cases

Academic Researches

Honorary Awards


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