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Criminal Law

The Criminal Law Service Group is composed of experienced lawyers. The two leaders of the Group who have served as prosecutors for more than ten years and handled thousands of various criminal cases have a deep understanding of criminal justice. Relying on its advantages, the Group manages various difficult and complex cases and formulates optimal legal service strategies for clients.
The Group which is specialized in criminal defense and committed to providing clients with accurate and efficient legal services has successively handled many economic crime cases involving huge amounts of money, as well as corruption and bribery cases with significant social influence in the region. More than 60% of the Group's cases have achieved satisfactory results for clients such as non-prosecution or probation. Besides, the Group has provided criminal complaints, accusations, and other legal services to many crime victims, well-known enterprises and institutions, and strived to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the clients.
At the same time, the Group has handled many interlocked criminal and civil cases and public interest litigations, constantly innovating the legal service methods in criminal related field. It has also vigorously expanded criminal non-litigation business such as providing multiple commercial entities with special services including compliance inspections of companies and business risk screening, striving to realize the goal of delivering high-quality legal services related to commercial crimes.

Scope of Service

Criminal defense
1.Applying for changing mandatory measures;
2.Providing meeting service;
3.Collecting and retrieving evidence;
4.Considering and working out optimal defense strategy;
5.Issuing legal opinions;
6.Mock trial and drill;
7.Attending court hearings to make vigorous defence.
Criminal-civil cross cases
1.Handling public interest litigation;
2.Applying for attaching, freezing and de-freezing properties;
3.Seeking recovery of losses for victims.
Criminal compliance review and management of commercial entities
1.Criminal compliance inspection of commercial entities;
2.Review and analysis of internal management system of commercial entities;
3.Criminal law training and education for employees of commercial entities;
4.Establishment and improvement of internal control and supervision system of commercial entities.
Protection of victims of crimes (institutions)
1.Sorting out and reviewing evidence;
2.Filing complaints and charges on clients’ behalf;
3.Drafting legal documents on clients’ behalf;
4.Reporting cases to competent authorities;
5.Filing incidental civil actions on clients’ behalf. 
Criminal risk prevention and control
1.Screening potential criminal risks existing in the main business activities and business pattern of commercial entities;
2.Giving pre-warning of criminal risks found from business operation and external cooperation of commercial entities;
3.Tracking and analyzing industry regulations and policies, and providing operational compliance advice;
4.Consultation and demonstration of criminal risk.

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