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Corporate & Commercial Affairs

The Corporate & Commercial Affairs Group of Wang Jing & GH Law Firm consists of Mr. Zhang Yang and a number of senior lawyers.The members of the group have been working hard in the field of commercial legal services and are well aware of the economic situation. With legal thinking and business intelligence, the team has provided legal consultancy and dispute resolution services to many well-known enterprises in the field of commercial affairs, and its efficient and professional legal services have been widely praised by the business community.

Scope of Service

China Regional Legal Counsel for Foreign Invested and Foreign-owned Enterprises

Market Access Consultancy;

Establishment of wholly-owned subsidiaries, representative offices;

Establishment of Sino-foreign equity joint ventures and Sino-foreign co-operative joint ventures;

Establishment of foreign-invested companies and holding enterprises

Reinvestment of capital or profits by foreign-invested enterprises in China;

Cross-border guarantee;

Legal support for daily operation of enterprises;

Labour and Employment;

Compliance and Anti-Corruption.

Corporate Governance and Legal Counsel

Advising on the formation and dissolution of companies;

Handling the design and adjustment of shareholding structure for the company and solving the legal risk of loss of control of the company;

Advising shareholders' meeting, board of directors and management on legal issues involved in the performance of their duties and responsibilities;

Reviewing the terms of commercial contracts;

Assisting the company's auditing and financial processing to solve potential accounting problems of the company;

Providing legal advice on investment and financing projects of the company

Representing companies in civil and commercial litigation.

Labour and Employment

Sorting out and analysing the legal risk points of labour and employment management;

Legal design of Human Resources management process;

Formulation and standardisation of management system;

Provision of key forms and model documents;

Internal labour and employment seminar training;

Daily labour management legal advice;

Reduction of workforce;

Design and implementation of labour dispatch and outsourcing schemes;

Design and implementation of enterprise remuneration and welfare programmes;

Design and implementation of trade secret protection and non-competition programmes;

Cross-border labour arrangements in the Greater Bay Are.

Enterprise network operation and media
Enterprise network business qualification compliance, operation norms compliance;
Protection of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets;
Consultancy on legal affairs of network e-commerce business;
Transformation of traditional media and mixed system reform;
Traditional media and new media editorial, broadcasting and operation legal services.
Enterprise Intellectual Property and High Technology

Provide legal advice on the creativity, use, management, protection and market operation of intellectual property and brand;

Reviewing and revising various intellectual property contracts and legal documents;

Providing legal argumentation and solutions for intellectual property disputes that have already been faced or are likely to occur;

Financing and mergers and acquisitions of intellectual property rights and technological achievements;

Conducting enquiries or monitoring opinions on the status of the company's intellectual property rights through public channels from time to time;

Representation in intellectual property litigation and arbitration cases.

Insurance, Reinsurance and Insurance Valuation

Establishment, governance structure and organisational set-up of insurance institutions and insurance intermediaries;

Foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions, and share acquisitions by insurance organisations and insurance intermediaries;

Advising on insurance and derivative product models, consumer protection and other issues;

Compliance audit of insurance products and insurance derivative products

Litigation and arbitration of insurance claims, subrogation litigation and arbitration, and provision of legal opinions on insurance claims.

Academic Researches

Honorary Awards

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