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Wang Jing & GH never stops taking social responsibilities.Wang Jing & GH attaches great importance to the education of the core values and stresses the cultivation of social responsibility. We always keep a close eye on social public welfare and stay grateful to the society. Not only do we take the pursuit of excellence in legal services as our mission, but we are also willing and ready to reciprocate the society. We are thankful for being in a peaceful and prosperous nation, so we will continue to move forward in an open-minded and down to earth way to make the world a better one. We are devoted to social development and the construction of the rule of law and encourage our lawyers to actively participate in social welfare activities, show solicitude for the disadvantaged groups, practice good deeds and disseminate legal knowledge to extend humanistic care to the society. Wang Jing & GH never stops on the road to fulfilling social responsibilities.

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