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Banking & Finance

The Banking and Finance Group of Wang Jing & GH Law Firm comprises legal professionals with extensive practical experience including former senior judges, lawyers admitted to practice in Mainland China and England and Wales as well as senior consultants.

The Group’s practice focuses on domestic and overseas financial litigation and enforcement. Members of the Group have abundant experience in handling high profile and high value matters relating to financial borrowing, trust, factoring, draft, letter of credit, disposal of non-performing assets, investment and financing M&A, risk management for financial enterprises, etc. The services of the Group cover South China region, and have expanded to other regions in China including Southwest, East, Central, North and Northeast China.

The Group’s clients mainly include international banks and financial institutions, commercial banks, financial holding groups with full financial licenses, internet financial companies, asset management companies, etc. The Group has provided customized and complete financial legal services to commercial banks and other financial institutions for many years.

Scope of Service

High Profile and Complex Financial Litigation and Enforcement

Dispute over financial loans/bank cards;

Dispute over commercial factoring;

Dispute over business trust;

Dispute over bank/trade acceptance;

Enforcement and disposal of diversified creditors’ rights.

Corporate Compliance and Governance

Building framework for corporate regulatory compliance system and contract management system;

Designing confidentiality system;

Designing anti-commercial bribery system;

Designing competitive restriction/prohibition scheme relating to core employees.

Investment, Financing and M&A

Participating in negotiating, drafting, reviewing and modifying legal documents for investment and financing;

Assisting in going through all kinds of government formalities including registration, examination and approval;

Designing transaction structure of investment and financing M&A;

Due diligence on investment and financing M&A;

Debt restructuring/conciliation. 

Corporate Employment Issues

Handling labor cases on employers’ behalf;

Sorting out labor rules and regulations;

Issuing legal opinions for preventing labor disputes;

Dealing with employee relations;

Providing labor law training;

Designing test paper for training on company rules and regulations;

Issuing regular newsletters to clients with case analysis & advice;

Giving practical guidance;

Regular legal counseling services to banks and other financial institutions.

High-profiled Cases

Academic Researches

Honorary Awards


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