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Internet and Digital Economy

The TMT Group is dedicated to providing legal services to the internet industry and new high-tech companies. The Group has around 20 members, most of who are lawyers having rich experience and expertise in internet related issues. Some members used to head legal departments of well-known internet companies in China, thus are familiar with the mentality and mode of internet companies’ products, and can design tailor-made legal service proposals to clients based on their business mode and operational status.

Since its formation, the Group has provided innovative legal solutions and services, including equity design, investment and financing, M&A, evaluation of regulatory compliance of digital products and resolution of infringement disputes, to more than 100 domestic and overseas internet companies including Tencent Group and Alibaba Group. The Group’s services cover such areas as online games, live streaming, internet finance, internet advertising, e-commerce, social platforms, internet plus, and so on. The Group is committed to providing customized, quality and comprehensive legal services.

The Group has expertise in delivering legal services to internet companies. It has provided specialized legal services concerning M&A, listing and financing to many internet companies, the aggregate of the transaction amounts being in excess of several billion RMB. Another internet sub-sector, i.e. on-line games, also falls into the Group’s expertise. It has provided legal services to many gaming companies including conducting compliance and infringement inspection of various game products to ensure that they are legally compliant before launch. Besides, the Group also specializes in legal services related to new internet products and business patterns, and has provided legal assessments for new products and business patterns including cloud games, in-car music products, sports live broadcast, voice live broadcast. Furthermore, the Group has handled many large and complex internet-related litigations.

Scope of Service

Dispute resolution of Internet company

Disputes on computer software copyright infringement

Disputes on copyright infringement of art and written works

Disputes on trademark infringement

Disputes on commercial secret infringement

Disputes on unfair competition

Private services, plug-in crackdown

Contract and other disputes

Equity structure design and equity incentive

Design of company’s equity structure

Design of partners’ equity structure

Employee equity incentive

Design of dynamic Equity Adjustment Mechanism

Investment, financing and M&A of Internet

Seed, Angel,Series A, B and C funding rounds

VC/PE and duediligence

Establishment andfiling of private equity funds

VAM , redemption,and other post-investment issues

Merger andAcquisition

Personal Information and Data Protection Compliance

APP product data collection andusage compliance

Enterprise internal datacompliance system construction

Offshore Data Collection andProcessing Compliance

Data dispute and disputeresolution

Internet digital products compliance

Gameproducts’ infringement compliance examination

InnovativeInternet digital products compliance

Copyright,trademark and patent protection

Sourcecode and other trade secret protection

Labor and personnel management regulation of Internet company

Laborlegal relationship compliance

Confidentialityand non-competition system construction

High-profiled Cases

Honorary Awards


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