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Intellectual Property

The intellectual property team consists of 15 members, with several senior lawyers who deeply concentrate on the field of intellectual property. All members of the team have graduated from well-known law schools both domestically and internationally, with the majority having master's degrees. Many of them have obtained both lawyer's profession qualification certificate as well as patent agency qualification. The team is driven by technology and adopts an informatization management model to provide efficient professional services to clients. This team is committed to practice and research in the field of intellectual property law, striving to create value and solve problems for clients, and enhancing them through intellectual property professional services.

This team has been providing intellectual property litigation services for clients in industries such as food, health products, clothing, lighting, daily chemicals, automotive parts, home furnishings, education, electronic products, cultural entertainment, internet, and high-tech for a long time. This team has persisted to handle cases throughout the country, accumulating rich practical experience. Multiple difficult cases handled by this team have been selected as typical cases or guiding cases by courts, industry associations, and administrative departments . At the same time, the team can also provide clients with non-litigation services related to intellectual property, including but not limited to authorization and confirmation, protection, and special consultants. Based on clients' needs, the team can customize a full chain service of IP authorization and confirmationIP operation and management and IP right protection.

Scope of Service


1.1 Non-Litigation Services

1.1.1 Trademark Authorization and Confirmation

  • Application for trademark registration
  • Renewal, modification, assignment, licensing and pledge of registered trademarks
  • Opposition/Defense of trademark Review for rejected trademark
  • Review for not-registered trademark
  • Application for declaration of invalidation of registered trademarks
  • Application/Defense for cancellation of registered trademark which has ceased for three consecutive years
  • Application/Defense for review for cancellation of registered trademark which has ceased for three consecutive years
  • Cancellation of the registered trademark with a common name of goods/services
  • Defense/Question for trademark review and adjudication cases
  • Administrative determination of well-known trademark


1.1.2 Registered Trademark Protection

  • Analysis of the suability of trademark infringement
  • Risk analysis of trademark infringement
  • Customs protection of trademark
  • Investigation of trademark infringement clues
  • Notarization and evidence preservation in trademark infringement cases
  • Administrative complaints on trademark infringement
  • Cracking down on the crime related to trademark
  • Complaint/Defense on trademark infringement in exhibition
  • Complaint and appeal from trademark infringement on e-commerce platforms
  • Sending lawyer's letter for trademark infringement


1.2 Litigation Services

1.2.1 Trademark infringement litigation

1.2.2 Judicial determination of well-known trademarks

1.2.3 Trademark administrative litigation

1.2.4 Confirmation absence of infringement on registered trademark

1.2.5 Criminal and civil overlap cases related to trademark


2.1 Non-Litigation Services

2.1.1 Patent authorization and confirmation

  • Patent knowledge training
  • Patent mining and layout
  • Application for patent
  • Response for patent examination statement
  • Review for rejected patent
  • Patent invalidation declaration
  • Public statement on examination for patent for invention
  • Review opinions on high-value patent application


2.1.2 Granted patent protection

  • Patent evaluation report application
  • Patent infringement risk analysis(FTO) and risk aversion scheme
  • Analysis of the suability of patent infringement
  • Customs protection of patent
  • Investigation of patent infringement clues
  • Notarization and evidence preservation in patent infringement case
  • Administrative complaint/defense on patent infringement
  • Complaint/Defense on patent infringement in exhibition
  • Complaint and appeal from patent infringement on e-commerce platforms
  • Sending lawyer's letter for patent infringement


2.1.3 Patent risk assessment before enterprise listing, investment and merger and acquisition

2.1.4 Patent licensing and transfer negotiations

2.1.5 Drafting and reviewing patent related contracts and systems

2.1.6 Providing legal advise on patent affairs


2.2 Litigation Services

2.2.1 Patent infringement litigation

2.2.2 Dispute over patent ownership

2.2.3 Dispute over reward and remuneration on service invention-creation

2.2.4 Confirmation absence of infringement on granted patent

2.2.5 Administrative dispute over invalidation of patent

2.2.6 Administrative dispute over the review of rejected patent

2.2.7 Administrative dispute over patent infringement

2.2.8 Dispute over patent related contract 


Non-Litigation Services

3.1.1 Copyright registration

3.1.2 Copyright Licensing and authorization

3.1.3 Investigation of copyright infringement clues

3.1.4 Notarization and evidence preservation in copyright infringement case

3.1.5 Sending lawyer's letter for copyright infringement


3.2 Litigation Services

3.2.1 Dispute over copyright ownership

3.2.2 Copyright infringement dispute

3.2.3 Dispute over computer software copyright infringement

3.2.4 Dispute over right of dissemination over Internet

3.2.5 Dispute over infringement upon right of publication


Unfair competition

4.1 Disputes over infringement upon trade secret (civil or criminal)

4.2 Dispute over commercial disparagement

4.3 Dispute over false publicity

4.4 Dispute over unauthorized use of decoration to goods/shops

4.5 Dispute over trade name infringement

4.6 Dispute over commercial bribery

4.7 Dispute over Internet unfair competition

4.8 Dispute over commercial interests

4.9 Dispute over counterfeit-based confusion

special services for listed IP

5.1 Management consulting

5.2 Strategy Planning

5.3 Due diligence

5.4 Transaction business negotiation

5.5 Special advisor for listed IP of enterprises

5.6 Intellectual property training

High-profiled Cases

Academic Researches

Honorary Awards


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